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Custom Artist Canvases

Every canvas stretched in our workshop is custom-made onsite & at every step we take great care so your finished canvas meets our exacting standards. We can tailor-make your stretchers to any size you require. We offer a range of linens and cottons to meet the needs of any painter. These can be purchased as full rolls or by the metre.

Custom Restretching

We specialise in stretching and preparing artwork on any material that can be safely wrapped around a frame.

Beautifully stretched paintings, blank or printed canvas require an artistic aesthetic, a fine sense of balance and a keen eye for composition.

Our staff hold tertiary degrees in fine art and will be happy to share our experience and give advice on the best possible way to present your artwork.


Onsite Stretching

We offer onsite canvas stretching services for artworks that are too large to fit through doors or for exhibitions that demand on-location preparation.

Every canvas stretched onsite undergoes a meticulous process, ensuring that each step is executed with utmost care to meet our exacting standards

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